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In the near future, businesses will have the capability to sell products that may have defects or don't meet their quality standards through our app. This innovative feature empowers companies to clear their deadstock inventory seamlessly and discreetly.

The future is now.

Liquidating deadstock

Businesses can use the app to efficiently sell surplus inventory, including products with defects or quality issues. This use case helps companies recover some of their investment in deadstock while freeing up valuable storage space.

Sustainability & waste reduction

By facilitating the sale of products that might otherwise be discarded, our solution contributes to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of unsold goods. This aligns with sustainability goals and corporate responsibility initiatives.

Financial recovery

Businesses can recoup a portion of their investments in deadstock, which may have otherwise been considered a loss. This financial recovery can be reinvested in more strategic areas of the business, enhancing overall financial health.

Revolutionizing deadstock management: A new approach to surplus inventory

Are excess inventory and unsold products becoming a financial burden for your business? Discover a transformative solution with our cutting-edge InventorySafe feature. Turn your deadstock into a valuable asset and streamline your inventory management process.




Seamless listings and confidential transactions

Step 1: Inventory listing

  • Easily list surplus or imperfect products

  • Maintain complete confidentiality​

Step 2: Connect with buyers

  • Reach a vast network of potential buyers securely

  • Utilize our Inventory Management System for direct listings


Blockchain powered security

Experience a level of security like never before with our blockchain technology.


Blockchain benefits

  • Guaranteed integrity and transparency throughout the process

  • Secure payment processing

  • Smart contract execution

  • Immutable transaction records


Bringing buyers and sellers together

Buyer's Perspective

  • Access a diverse range of products through our trusted B2B ecosystem

  • Search for specific inventory based on your unique needs

  • Build trust through secure transactions


Sustainable impact

Our InventorySafe feature not only recovers losses on deadstock but also contributes to sustainability goals.

Minimize environmental impact

  • Redirect products that would otherwise be discarded

  • Find new homes and purposes for unsold goods


Discover the future of inventory management.

Unlock new possibilities for your business and reduce financial strain.

Embrace the future.

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