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From humble beginnings, SupplierAdvisor® emerged as the shared dream of visionaries spanning continents.

As our team expanded, so did our vision of reshaping supplier and business management landscapes. With unwavering determination, we turned concepts into tangible realities.


Our innovative web and mobile app materialized as we directed our focus towards strategic investments and nurturing meaningful customer relationships. This journey epitomizes our steadfast commitment to revolutionizing B2B interactions, forging a dynamic and empowered business landscape.


Cultivating confidence through innovation

To become Earth's most trusted supplier management app, empowering businesses to cultivate strong and enduring relationships with confidence and ease, our mission is to revolutionise the world of B2B relations and digital trade by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.


We are committed to shaping a future where businesses thrive through efficient and secure B2B interactions.

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SupplierAdvisor® was founded.

SupplierAdvisor® was born from the collaboration of five pioneers across South Africa and Germany. United by a common vision, we set out to transform supplier management.


SupplierAdvisor® launched.

In 2023, we transformed our vision into reality. Through diligent efforts, we launched our web and mobile app, focusing on investment and customer aquisition. This year, we solidified our commitment to revolutionize B2B (business-to-business) relationships.

We believe that belief is the trigger to action, and we're well on our way to developing a global community of forward-thinkers in supplier management.

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